We hope to promote the practice of San Teh's beliefs, which is the ethics of Filial Piety and Loyalty, the ethics of Benevolence and the ethics of Prudence. We aim to create a more balanced society and reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.

THE VALUES of san teh


To help the poor in Singapore, China and Taiwan, break out of the poverty cycle by giving them access to tertiary education. We also aim to provide medical and infrastructural support to less privileged individuals in China and give disaster relief to victims of natural disasters. We are constantly striving to give back to society by practising San Teh's values.


San Teh Foundation is founded and established by founder, Mr Kao Shin Ping. His philanthropy journey started since the 1980s, helping many underprivileged people across China, Taiwan and Singapore. His mother, Mdm Kao Li Chou, was an exemplary figure for him, as she performed countless charitable acts since the 1960s. In August 2011, Mr Kao wanted to consolidate his philanthropic acts and established the San Teh Foundation to facilitate future contributions to society. He passed the reins over to his daughter, Miss Serena Kao, to manage the Foundation. 

San Teh Foundation is a private and perpetual family foundation, which utilizes only family funds for charity. The Kao family believes in the “San Teh” spirit, which are “Filial Piety & Loyalty, Benevolence and Prudence”. Mr. Kao believed that charity should co-exist with the enterprise. In other words, charity work has to be carried out concurrently with the business. He also believed that charity starts from home. If one is not charitable within the family, doing charity works outside is superficial. Miss Kao shares the same belief as her father.




San Teh Foundation 

  1. 三德​慈善基金会