San Teh Foundation 

  1. 三德​慈善基金会

How you can contribute

We welcome volunteers to come aboard and help out in the operation of our Foundation. If you want to understand more about how we work such as our operation model, please feel free to contact us here. However, we will only provide information at our own discretion. If you want to play a part in our causes, please check out our social solutions platform here.


We are currently looking for people to join our Foundation. We welcome driven and passionate individuals, who want to make society a better place. If you are interested, please contact us at with your resume and cover letter. We will get in touch with short-listed applicants at our earliest convenience.

Scholarship/Bursary Opportunities

One of the initiatives of our Foundation is to enable students who come from financially disadvantaged families to get better education opportunities. We currently work with various organisations in China, Taiwan and Singapore, providing bursaries or scholarships for students who apply through those organisations. These organisations include: China's An Xi Tai An College, Taiwan's TamKang (Dan Jiang) University, which is also the alma meter of our Founder, Mr Kao Shin Ping, as well as Singapore Koh Clan Association, Singapore An Xi Association and Singapore Management University. Every year, we will give out a number of scholarships and/or bursaries but the number depends very much on the applicants' standards and our review process. If you want to apply, please click here and state in the subject "Scholarship/Bursary Application". We will review and contact shortlisted applicants.