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Discover how to ensure measurable, sustainable and efficient philanthropy in this report created jointly by Forbes Insights and BNP Paribas Wealth Management. This report features excerpts from an interview with Miss Serena Kao, Chairwoman of our Foundation, which can be found on pages 21 and 29.


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Although San Teh Foundation has only been established officially for about 6 years, our Founder, Mr Kao Shin Ping's, philanthropy work  started since the 1980s. He is thus a widely known philanthropist in China, Taiwan and Singapore and is highly respected by many businessmen and politicians in Asia. As such, we have consolidated a list of articles related to our Foundation and/or our leaders. Please clickhereto see!



Mr Kao Shin Ping Aids Needy Students, 30 Bursaries Given Out at Tai Shan University in China

On September 11 2013, Mr Kao Shin Ping graced Tai Shan University in China, giving out 30 bursaries under his name. These bursaries were aimed to help students from financially disadvantaged families, giving them access to better education with the bursary amount. Together with the Vice Associate Dean of Tai Shan University, Mr Kao gave out the 30 bursaries personally to each recipient.  



San Teh Foundation 

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